22 May 2016 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM
Lamm Jewish Library, 304 Hawthorn Road Caulfield South

As part of the 2016 Melbourne Jewish Writers Festival, we're pleased to present another iteration of The Necessary Poet.

Many have poets we enjoy. But there can be poets who change us, or to whom we return repeatedly, or who we associate with a particular life moment. Discover the essential poets of our distinguished readers: Andrea Goldsmith, Evelyn Krape, Bram ...

Martha Nussbaum has centred much of her remarkable work on the link between literary imagination and public life. Whitman is for her a special exemplar and favourite. Hear this in her reading from The Necessary Poet.

Emily Ballou mesmerised at Purgatorio: Australia Today with her poem on the fragility of our environment, bringing our gaze to a group of nesting swans beset by mottled tourists.


Go through that rusty gate

Where all the waving flowers blow
And the last of the sunlight is a low gold glow
And blossom scatters across the pond
With the cast-off crumbs of the pilgrims.

They come on ...